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Travel all stitched up

Because one size doesn't fit all, we take a haute couture approach to designing travel solutions for those in creative industries. Whether you're in media, advertising, publishing or the rag trade, our individually tailored itineraries and travel programs deliver a perfect fit.

  • Specially negotiated luggage allowances, rates and waivers
  • Exclusive accommodation rates and value added extras such as early check in, late check out, free Wi-Fi and use of hotel meeting rooms
  • Group travel logistics and rates
  • 24/7 dedicated Stage and Screen after-hours team

Specialist Services

Group Travel

Being part of a group can enhance the highs and the lows of traveling for work. Complex logistics, group transfers and specialist accommodation? No problem. We can also negotiate value-add services such as streamlined check-in.

Freight & Logistics

When you’re launching your latest collection or campaign, traveling light is not an option. Your designs and props are your calling card so we take great care to customize a seamless and cost-effective freight solution in conjunction with our long-term freight operators.

Finance Solutions

Behind every great performance is an inspiring mentor – or in our case a creative finance team! We can tailor a finance solution to suit your industry and organization’s structure. This includes flexible reporting, payment options, billing cycles, and statements via our Online Reporting tool.

24/7 Emergency Support

Whether you’re doing a whistle-stop capital city tour or crossing time zones for an international launch, our after-hours team has your back. Available 24/7 with full access to suppliers, booking information, traveler profiles and pre-negotiated deals.