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Top Tips for Packing Light- How to maximize your carry on

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When it comes to travelling frequently we all know that avoiding checking luggage can have the potential to save us time and money. However, the trials of both travelling light and meeting current security protocol can be stressful and challenging not to mention the added problem of the business travelers needs to packing a professional wardrobe and essential gadgets! Here are our top tips for travelling light and maximizing your carry-on space.


1.  Choose the right luggage.
This is the essential place to start as you need to have a carry- on bag that fits protocol but is useful and practical. Most airlines follow the standard 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm) measurements, including handles and wheels but it is worth checking with your carrier before flying. It’s also useful to opt for a light weight material when shopping and a bag that has multiple pockets to compartmentalize better. Make sure to pack heavier items at the bottom (by the wheels) to make it easier to roll.


2.  Make the most of your personal item.
In addition to your primary carry-on bag, most airlines will allow you to bring on an additional personal item such as your laptop bag or purse. Try to maximize this with either a backpack or multi-purpose laptop bag which can generally hold more but will still fit easily under the seat in front of you.


3.  Plan Ahead
It may seem borderline obsessive behavior but planning your outfits day by day and then laying out each item before packing to ensure it is a necessary addition. Additionally, packing items that can be re-worn with and coordinated with something else from your travel wardrobe helps to minimize overpacking.


4.  Fabric Counts
Start looking at your labels and checking for fabric information.


5.  Liquid Legislation
Most frequent travelers are already well versed in the travel sized container limit of 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) but you should also invest in a TSA approved quart bag for your carry-on liquids. This will save you time in the security queues by ensuring your liquids are ready for inspection but that you also haven’t gone over the restrictions on quantity.


6.  Say Goodbye to Goodies
More often than not we are travelling for conferences, exhibitions or trade shows. We all love a freebie and these are usually in abundance at such events with folders, brochures, tote bags and USBs at every corner. Limit your swag and try to reduce the amount of paperwork you are picking up as this can surprisingly bulk up your return luggage.