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Performing is the fun part, it's the travel that can throw you off beat. Crazy schedules, long tours and moving large groups of artists and support crew all present their own challenges. That's why we've got flexible itineraries and travel benefits to keep you on track.

  • VIP travel and special requests
  • Group travel logistics and value added extras including early check in, late check out, extra security and artist privacy
  • Specially negotiated luggage allowances and waivers
  • On-site Travel Manager for large events and festivals
  • 24/7 dedicated Stage and Screen after-hours team

Specialist Services

VIP Travel

In the rock n roll world there are some requests which may seem strange, but not to us. We can deliver a seamless and discreet VIP service offering smooth arrivals and departures, private hotel entrances, entire hotel floor bookings, luxury transfers, priority booking and specially negotiated additional waivers and favors.

Group Travel

Touring groups are a bit like extended families and no two are the same. Complex logistics, group transfers, specialist accommodation? No problem. We can also negotiate value-add services such as streamlined check-in.

Freight and Logistics

When you’re touring locally or internationally, traveling light is not an option. Your gear is your livelihood so we take great care to customize a seamless and cost-effective freight solution in conjunction with our long-term freight operators.

24/7 Support

Tours and performance schedules don’t always go to plan, but our after-hours team has your back. Available 24/7 with full access to suppliers, booking information, traveler profiles and pre-negotiated deals.