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Stage and Screen's Hurricane Response

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three hurricanes moving across the West Indies




Part of being a travel company is helping your clients manage the unforeseen. When things change and you need someone to help you find shelter, reach your destination or make your way home it helps to have a seasoned professional at the other end of the line.  During the recent and tragic hurricanes Stage and Screen were deeply involved with clients around the region, helping meet their travel needs in difficult circumstances with compressed timescales.

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We are immensely proud of the work our teams put in, rising to the challenge to ensure our clients got where they needed to go. During Hurricane Irma we boosted our after-hours staff over the weekend in preparation, with an additional 35 agents on top of the 11 normally employed. This planning allowed us to maintain a 30 second average hold time over the weekend, promptly serving our customers and finding solutions to their travel needs.  Below is just one of the many pieces of great feedback our dedicated team received over this period: ‘We were checking out of our hotel about to head to the airport.  We had a connection in Atlanta so we knew we’d probably get there but the airports had already closed in Houston so we knew we’d be stuck in Atlanta for a few days. I called after hours (honestly expecting somewhat of a hold) and got connected immediately.  I explained to Barb that we didn’t want to be stuck in Atlanta and wanted to know if we could get re-routed to Austin or Dallas as we had family there we could stay with until we could get home.  I told her Austin was preferred and she told me she saw three seats on a flight from Barcelona to Austin leaving an hour after our original flight.  She said she was going to call Delta and confirm we could make this change and discuss change fees. We headed to airport.  During the cab ride, Barb called to let us know the seats were definitely available and there would be no cost to change our flight.  I confirmed we wanted that option. When we got to the airport, we grabbed a coffee.  Before we finished our coffee, we had our new itineraries and tickets.  Went through security and had extra time to spend our left-over Euros in the gift shop…for better or worse’

While we were able to help so many of our clients leave or get around the hurricane zone, so many residents in Houston and the state of Florida were unable to avoid the storm and have had aspects of their lives devastated. The whole Flight Centre Travel Group in North America pulled together. On Friday September 1, employees dressed down in exchange for a donation of at least $5, raising nearly $30,000.  FCGT matches this sum, enabling us to give $70,000 dollars to worthy causes like the American Red Cross: Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, helping communities get back on their feet after these disasters. Stage and Screen as well as the entire FCTG family are proud of the way our staff have stepped up to the plate, standing by clients and employees and providing them with the support they need in good times and bad, helping them get where they need to go. If you would like to join us in supporting the efforts of the American Red Cross to provide relief to the victims of these disasters, click here to make a donation.